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John Burroughs Research Site — johnburroughs.org

A site for promoting research into the life and work of John Burroughs.

Index to the Collected Works of John Burroughs

These indexes by William Perkins are really, really good.  Mr. Perkins includes tables to compare different editions of John Burroughs writings.  He also has listed which articles comprise John Burroughs books, by magazine and date.

Catskill Archive

Site that specializes in the Catskill Mountain area, of which John Burroughs wrote so much.  Unique online texts.

Ecology Hall of Fame

Site has a biography and extracts of Burroughs work. Also some articles reflecting recent thinking on Burroughs place among early leaders in environmental thinking.

Online collections

Henry Ford Museum

Collection includes photographs and scanned documents from Burroughs' life.

Cornell University

Collection of scanned magazine articles from 19th and early 20th century; many Burroughs essays complete.

American Museum of Natural History

The museum has Burroughs related exhibits online.

Esopus Photo Gallery

Color photos of Burroughs-related buildings; also has photos of cemetery monument for Ursula (North) Burroughs.

Associated Authors and Artists

Walt Whitman Archive

"The Walt Whitman Archive is a scholarly resource co-directed by Dr. Ed Folsom (U. Iowa) and Dr. Kenneth M. Price (U. Nebraska-Lincoln)."

Emerson transcendentalists.com

This site is an excellent window to the Emerson essays and poems online. Read Emerson's works side by side with Burroughs' passages that reference them.

Audubon's Birds of America

Audubon is frequently mentioned by Burroughs, who also wrote a biography for Audubon. This site has Audubon plates and commentaries.

Alexander Wilson Gallery

Burroughs spends a great deal of time referring to Wilson; this site has a number of his paintings online.

Herbert W. Gleason exhibit at Concordnet.org

Houghton Mifflin used many of Gleason's photographs to illustrate Burroughs' books.

Also his biograpy, and related collections.

Online Bios

John Burroughs Biography by Carmine Sarracino

A short biography of John Burroughs, told in relation to his friend Walt Whitman. Kept on the Walt Whitman Archive.

Associated Ideas

jnani.org — Burroughs and Transcendentalism

Burroughs relationship to transcendentalism is explored incidentally, through his writings about nature and about Walt Whitman.

Did Whitman and Burroughs sleep together, and what exactly did that mean?


Cornell University Nest Box Camera

This page contains a series of photos inside nest boxes. One of the bluebird series (Archive 1 2003) is reminiscent of a conflict between species that John Burroughs illustrated in Chaper VII of Wake Robin.

Owl Nest Box Camera

The authors of this site have set up a nest-box camera and written about their observations of the owls in an online journal, starting 1997.  Photos and recorded sounds.



Free books for handheld computers. Currently has eight books by John Burroughs online.

Project Gutenberg

Free books online.

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